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Another card from my Hungry Heroes series. I always loved Wolverine, I imagine he must have a huge appetite with all that slashing and sneering.

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I took some sketches I was drawing and turned them into some lame, knock-off trading cards a cheap relative might give you as a kid. You really wanted Batman, but the Hialeah Flea Market only had Bat-Meng… it’s alright, they always came with pork flavored gum.

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Miguel was a mouse of many faces. Who could forget his starring roles in “Señor Martian”, “Pigmento! The Pale Rat” and  “El Payaso” (The Clown).

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Meet the most-rockin’est, murderous, cold-blooded quartet of Serpentine punk rock hoodlums that ever crawled out from under a rock and bit your ankle.

*Rare concert poster from their infamous final ’78 tour.  LIVE in Tokyo’s red-light district Kabukicho.

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This October, the fabulous Bear and Bird Gallery is holding a monster-inspired art show in Ft. Lauderdale. How could I pass up that opportunity to participate, especially since that’s pretty much all I draw anyways.
This here purple-monkey-with the eyes poked out-thing just poured out of me a couple nights ago. Will this be the one I enter to the Monster Mash show? You’ll just have to come back and see…

[insert sinister laugh and haunted house sound effects here.]

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So what’s that expression about a tree falling in the forest with nobody around to hear it?

I’m wondering, is it really a blog if nobody reads it? I don’t really know the answer to that. And frankly I can’t believe I even have a blog, but it happened to come as a nifty feature on this new WordPress site I got going on here (huge Thanks to Dean Sebring for helping me put it all up).
And I figure it may be a good way to gather some of these doodles and manic scribblings I’ve got piling up around my workspace, and share them with whoever is out there reading this now.

Enjoy friends!
-Alvaro Diaz-Rubio

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