“Rusty the Handsome” by Alvaro Diaz-Rubio, acrylic 2012. My painting for “Monster Mash” Art Show at Bear & Bird Gallery, Lauderhill, FL.

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Meet the most-rockin’est, murderous, cold-blooded quartet of Serpentine punk rock hoodlums that ever crawled out from under a rock and bit your ankle. *Rare concert poster from their infamous final ’78 tour.  LIVE in Tokyo’s red-light district Kabukicho.

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This October, the fabulous Bear and Bird Gallery is holding a monster-inspired art show in Ft. Lauderdale. How could I pass up that opportunity to participate, especially since that’s pretty much all I draw anyways. This here purple-monkey-with the eyes poked out-thing just poured out of me a couple nights ago. Will this be the one I enter to the Monster Mash show? You’ll just have to come back and see… … Continue reading

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Seriously, it’s damn near impossible for me to not doodle on something while at work–especially when the server keeps crashing. Today I went at it quick with a green highlighter & a sharpie. Enjoy!

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Quick post-it doodle at Narita Airport, in Tokyo. They have these stands with different great little Japanese ink stamps all over the terminal for mailing postcards.  

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3 doodles I made with a pink highlighter & white-out. Continue reading

Click the link and watch the video… if you dare! Continue reading

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Avoiding work never seemed so fun! See why with 3 more doodles Continue reading

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So what’s that expression about a tree falling in the forest with nobody around to hear it? I’m wondering, is it really a blog if nobody reads it? I don’t really know the answer to that. And frankly I can’t believe I even have a blog, but it happened to come as a nifty feature on this new WordPress site I got going on here (huge Thanks to Dean Sebring … Continue reading

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